Parking Lot Repair

Whether it’s paved with asphalt or contract, your parking lot can wear down over time, get weakened by freeze/thaw cycles, and develop serious damage. That’s when you need to call your local trusted paving company for professional parking lot repair. Paving experts understand the ins and outs of both asphalt and concrete, so we can repair everything from a broken down asphalt parking lot to a cracked concrete driveway.

Our Parking Lot Asphalt Repair Services

Asphalt can suffer from damage due to water damage, wear and tear, improper grading of the underlayer, or only time. Here’s how the professionals can repair broken asphalt.

  • Asphalt Milling

    – Contractors use special equipment to grind down a broken asphalt layer so it can be replaced with new.

  • Patching

    – if there are large areas of damaged asphalt on a parking lot, repair by patching involves pouring a new surface.

  • Crack Filling

    – Professionals use high quality polymer and petroleum products to fill cracks.

  • Pothole Repair

    – Expert pothole repair includes not only filling in the hole but patching the area for a seamless repair.

  • Pavement Markings

    – Parking lot line striping and parking symbols are painted with durable, reflective traffic paint.

Concrete Parking Lot Repair Services

Concrete is a versatile paving material that can easily form lots of structures for parking lots and other paved areas, but it is also subject to weather damage and wear. Paving experts have a ton of concrete repair services, including:

  • Edge Repair

    – Concrete is often used to create an edge around an asphalt parking lot; repair of this edging is easy.

  • Drainage Systems

    – Concrete is often used to create and repair catch basins, slopes, and other drainage constructions.

  • Degreasing

    – A concrete parking lot requires removal of the grease left behind by vehicles so that the concrete doesn’t break down.

  • Staining & Sealing

    – Once a concrete driveway or lot is smooth and clean, it can be treated with a stain or a sealant to prevent further repairs.

Don’t Overlook the Benefits of Parking Lot Repair

In the Lewisville, TX area, the most trusted paving company is HMC Asphalt & Concrete Inc. They’ve been repairing parking lots, driveways, and private roadways all over the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex for over twenty years, so we know how to handle any asphalt repair problem our Texas property owners may have.